The Maryland Addiction Treatment Policy Advocacy Coalition has been formed by people concerned about our current heroin and drug abuse epidemic. We are particularly concerned about the lack of treatment providers and services available to meet the growing need in the state as well as recent policy initiatives that may result in a further decline in affordable treatment options.

A Participant-Driven Organization

MATPAC is organized as a participant-driven organization. It has no members, only interested participants. Participants engage in MATPAC on a strictly opt-in basis. 

If you are in agreement with our Statement of Principles please sign it. One of our key goals is to get as many people as possible to sign-on to the Statement of Principles.

Higher levels of participation to forward the goals laid out in the Statement of Principles are of course welcome! 

Participation in MATPAC

MATPAC is an education and policy advocacy initiative. We seek to educate people throughout the state–in particular officials who are in a position to enact policy changes–about our Choice in Treatment message as well as our other core messages.

We encourage MATPAC participants to reach out to their local and state legislators and educate them using the information provided on this website. 

You can participate in MATPAC in a variety of ways such as the ones given below:

  • Sign the Statement of Principles [click here to sign!].
  • Invite others to participate by sharing with them the Statement of Principles and asking them to sign it.
  • Reach out to your local and state legislators and educate them regarding our issues as given on this site.
  • Get your local and state legislators to sign the Statement of Principles.
  • Join the mailing list so you can be kept updated about coalition activities.
  • Attend MATPAC meetings and engage in policy discussions and actions with other participants.

There are of course many other ways in which you might support this cause. If you are planning something or have ideas about other things that can be done to get our messages out, please contact us!