By: Phil Davis, Contact Reporter Maryland has awarded Anne Arundel County $1.2 million for expanding opioid addiction programs including halfway houses for recovering addicts. The bulk of the funds, $972,937, will go toward crisis drug treatment services, said Chris Garrett, a Maryland Department of Health spokesman. The rest will fund expanding halfway houses. [ click… Read More

What is¬†Medication-Assisted Treatment? Medication-Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is defined by several drug policy agencies as a combination of the use of approved treatment drugs with counseling and behavioral therapies. ¬† Under this definition, the treatment drug would be used at the beginning phase of therapy, at the lowest effective dose, for a short period of… Read More

A program that uses a unique approach to tackle the heroin and opioid addiction crisis in Wicomico County is having success getting people into treatment, county officials said Thursday. The Community Outreach Addictions Team, a pilot program spearheaded by the Wicomico County Health Department, uses recovering addicts to work with people who have overdosed, said… Read More