The MATPAC Statement of Principles lays out our views on the issues of addiction, addiction treatment and the individuals right to choose their path to recovery. It includes a statement of our public policy goals. Derived from that statement are our core messages, given below.

MATPAC Core Messages

  • CONSUMER CHOICE: Consumers of treatment services—those suffering the curse of addiction—have a right to choose the treatment approach they feel will best suit their needs.
  • GOVERNMENT ACTION SHOULD SUPPORT TREATMENT CHOICES: The consideration of the consumer’s right to choose should be a key factor driving government responses to the addiction crisis.
  • WE OPPOSE POLICIES THAT WILL REDUCE TREATMENT OPTIONS: In Maryland, the demand for treatment services dwarfs the available, affordable provider resources. We cannot afford to adopt policies that will act to further reduce the number of available treatment programs and services in the state, in particular much-needed residential programs.
  • THERE IS NO ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ APPROACH TO TREATMENT: While many consider addiction to be a physical disease, many others consider addiction to be a behavioral, emotional and/or spiritual malady. Regardless on ones approach to this issue, now is not the time to forward policies that might shut the door on treatment options from which some might find success.
  • MAT IS ONE TREATMENT OPTION, BUT NOT THE ONLY ONE: While Medication-Assisted Treatment is of course one of the treatment options, the rush to implement MAT must not be done in such a way as to marginalize, restrict, reduce or eliminate other addiction treatment options and pathways to recovery, including those programs and regimens that define success by helping their clients lead drug-free lives.