The MATPAC STATEMENT of PRINCIPLES is one of our primary education tools. We would like everyone who is in agreement with these principles to sign on!

While we are primarily interested Maryland residents signing the Statement of Principles, we welcome signers from outside the state as well since this is also a national issue. 

What Signing the Statement of Principles Means

After we have gotten a number of people to sign on to the Statement of Principles we will publish the names of signers on this site. Signers will be organized under their county of residence. We will show your name and occupation, but we will not display any other information such as your email address. 

This is why we are asking you to provide (in the form below) both your county of residence in Maryland as well as your zip code. (Non-Maryland residents: Note that you have your own selection in the location drop-down.) 

We will NEVER sell to nor share this list, or your personal information, with anyone.

Sign the Statement of Principles

To sign the statement just fill out the form below to get your voice heard on this issue! (Note: all fields are required.)


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