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Allegany County

  • Jamescew JamescewYD, Marketing

Anne Arundel County

  • Art Moore, President and Founder, Clear Systems LLC
  • DeWitt Wilcox, Managing Partner
  • Loreen Chesky, Web Answer Media /COO
  • Patrick Rockhill, Developer
  • Summer Andrade, Office Manager

Baltimore County

  • Anita Shefts, Manager
  • Gregory Burbelo DVM, Veterinarian-DVM
  • Michael Goodman, Manager
  • Sally Fricke, Realtor

Frederick County

  • Katherine Nash, Consultant
  • Patti  Worsley, Children's Edutainment/Owner

Harford County

  • Denise January, Accounts Receivable Manager

Howard County

  • Daniel Stewart, Dentist
  • Judy DeLibera, Owner, Figure Savers Weight Management Center
  • Kellie Moran, Sales
  • Rob Marvenko, Chiropractic Doctor

Montgomery County

  • Anna Belashchenko, IT project manager
  • Beatriz Granada, Voluteer Minister
  • Dagmar  Papaheraklis, Housewife
  • Dasha Cunningham, Administrator
  • George  Papaheraklis, Business Owner
  • Laurie Townsend, Counselor
  • Lester Green, Teacher
  • Lisa Lowe, Director, Heroin Action Coalition
  • Lynne Oakes, teacher
  • Matthew Robinson, Competent Living Consultant
  • Mayra Quintanilla, Stay home mom
  • Patrick  Cunningham, Sales Consultant
  • Shaun Figueroa, Patient treatment coordinator
  • Shawn Kimmel, Marketing
  • William Powell, Project Accountant

Prince George's County

  • Amanda Townsend, Nonprofit
  • F.D. Artherhults, Mr.
  • Irene Guntensperger, Abstractor
  • Sally Abril, Director of Special Affairs
  • Thomas Clapp, Church Executive

Non-Maryland Residents

  • Eduardo Faure, Civil engineer
  • Eric Huntington, physician
  • Flora Woolfolk, Physical Therapist
  • Joanie Sigal, Marketer/Singer/Podcaster/Activist
  • Jon Mervine, Project Manager
  • Linda  Lagemann , Psychologist
  • Mary Ellison, Small Business Owner
  • Nicole Bender, Minister
  • Nicole Howard, driver
  • Ted Lovejoy, Client support
  • Tony Turrisi, General Contractor (VA Class C)